While the debate on the merits of Grammar Schools continues, some forty years after their abolition, I think
myself very privileged to have had the benefit of such a school before it was too late.

As an ex-pupil of Burton Grammar School myself from 1968-1973, I now feel encouraged to put
together this historical record of the school and to try to recapture some of the history, ethos and
proud tradition that lay behind it.

In broad outline, the history of Burton Grammar School was as follows:

1520 – First Grammar School founded by Abbot William Beyne.
1834 – Moved from churchyard site to renovated premises in Friars Walk.
1877 – Moved from Friars Walk to new premises in Bond Street.
1957 – Moved from Bond Street to new premises in Winshill.
1975 – Ceased as a Grammar School and became part of Abbot Beyne comprehensive school.

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