School Societies

In the 1950s, before the popularization of television and before anyone could have even conceived of the Internet, School Societies played a significant role. The below list of them will give some idea:

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  • Art Club
  • Literary Society
  • Cactus and Succulent Society
  • Chess Club (Take a team trial!)
  • Choral Society
  • Christian Union
  • Dramatic Society
  • International Relations Society
  • Field Club
  • Film Society
  • French Society (Cercle Francais)
  • Geographical Society
  • Historical Society
  • Latin Club
  • Metalwork Club
  • Music Appeciation Society
  • Photographic Society
  • Radio Society
  • Sixth Form Society
  • Stamp Society
  • Young Farmers Club
  • 2A Society

Some others later introduced include:

  • Angling Club
  • Astronomical Society
  • Debating Society
  • Model Aero-Club
  • Model Engineering Society
  • Physics Club
  • Walking Club
  • War Games Society
  • Wildlife Society


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