1918 Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour lists around 500 Burton Grammar School ex-pupils together with their Unit, Rank and Fate making a poignant record of the times. It is, of course, refered to at the time as the 1914-1918 European War since only unfolding history would be able to later label it as WW I.

The Roll of Honour is as accurate as we can make it from, the information supplied directly by Old Boys who have filled up and returned the forms which were sent out.

The information respecting Old Boys whose addresses are not known, and these are many in number, has been derived mainly from references to them in the local Papers.

The publication of the Roll of Honour serves a double purpose. Its object is to perpetuate the memory of the Old Boys who answered the call to service of their King and Country, and also to enable future generations of schoolboys to realise the price that was paid and the magnitude of the effort that was necessary to establish them in the freedom they enjoy.

The Old Boys have made a great tradition which will be a source of pride and inspiration to their successors for all time.

The work of compiling this list has been kindly undertaken by Mr. W. H. Robinson, to whom any corrections or additions should be sent, at the School House.

Abbotts; Abrahams; Adams; Adshead; Allaway; Alderson; Allen; Andrews; Archer; Auden; Aulton; Badger; Baker; Bailey; Baldwin; Bamford; Bannister; Barraclough; Bakrow; Barrow, Bassett; Bates; Batkin; Bax; Beardmore; Beck; Beckett; Beeby; Beer; Beesby; Beesley; Beevers; Belcher; Bennett; Benstead; Bentley; Bernard; Berry; Bexon; Bindley; Birch; Blackwell; Boddice; Brightwell; Brooks; Brookes; Broom; Brown; Brunt; Bruxby; Burnett; Burrows; Buxton; Burt; Capsey; Carlile; Carpenter; Cartmel; Cartwright; Chamberlain; Clarke; Clements; Clubb; Coltman; Cooper; Costeloe; couchman; Coulton; Coutts; Crabtree; Crawley; Croad; Cross; Crooks; Dannatt; Daniel; Darley; Davies; Davis; Daws; Deans; Dent; Deville; Dolman; Done; Dow; Dowdell; Drury; Dunicliffe; Dunwell; Duerden; Dyke; Davis; Dakin; Edwards; Eley; Empson; Everett; Evershed; Ewers; Farmer; Fawkes; Faulknall; Faulkner; Fearn; Fergusson; Fisher; Flear; Fogg; Foster; Fox; Freeman; Frost; Frowen; Gaskin; George; Gibson; Gilbert; Gilmour; Goodhead; Gothard; Grant; Gray; Graystone; Green; Greensmith; Gretton; Hackett; Hadfield; Hall; Hamilton; Hands; Hankinson; Harding; Hardy; Hartley; Harrison; Harlow; Hartshorn; Hay; Haynes; Haywood; Hazelhurst; Hanford; Heape; Hearn; Herbison; Herratt; Higgott; Hinds; Hobday; Holloway; Hooper; Hughes; Hunter; Hutton; Jackson; James; Jeffcott, Jefferson; Jefford; Jenkins; Johnson; Johnston; Jones, Jackson; James; Keeling; Keen; Kirby; Knight; Knowles; Knox, Kidd, Kind; Lake; Lander; Lance; Lathbury; Lea; Lee; Leedham; Leonard; Lewis; Lorimer; Lowden; Lowndes; Loxley; Lyle; Machin; McDonald; Maher; Malin; Manners; Mansell; Mason; Matthews; Maxted; Mayger; Mead; Meakin; Menzies; Merrett; Miller; Mills; Mitton; Moir; Moorby, Moorcroft; Mountford; Morley; Moss; Mycott; Moxley; Nevitt; Newbold; Newton; Norris; Norton; Norman; Ollis; Orgill; Orme; O’Sullivan; Oswell; Oxford; Peach; Pearson; Pepper; Perkins; Piddocke; Plant; Platts; Pollard; Porter; Potts; Press; Pugh; Pye; Prince; Plant; Parker; Rabbets; Radford; Rawlins; Reeve; Renwick; Rice; Richards; Riley; Roberts; Robertson; Robinson; Roe; Rollanson; Rudd; Rudgard; Rumsey; Rose; Reading; Sadd; Sadler; Salt; Sampson; Sant; Searle; Sears; Seddon; Sharp; Shelly; Shepherd; Shercliff; Shreeve; Shrewsbury; Shuker; Simmons; Skinner; Simnett; Sims; Slater; Sloper; Smedley; Smerdon; Smith; Spalding; Sparrow; Spinney, Spriggs; Squire; Stack; Staley; Stanley; Stephens; Stephenson; Stockley; Stockton; Sutton; Tarver; Tatlow; Taylor; Thompson; Toplis; Topliss; Tooby; Tresise; Turner; Tunnicliffe; Tye; Upton; Varlow; Villiers; Wain, Wakley; Walker; Walters; Ward; Wardle; Warren; Watson; Wayte; Webster; Wells; Whetton; White; Whitworth; Wiles; Wilkins; Wilkinson; Williamson; Wills; Willsher; Windsor; Wood; Woodfield; Woodrow; Wormwell; Wragg; Wright; Wyatt; Yates; Yeates; Young;


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