Winshill (1960)

In 1960, the first full school photo was commissioned for the new school at Winshill. William Gillion had taken over as Headmaster fromĀ the longstanding Mr Pitchford less than two years earlier and was now well established.

Whole School
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The pavillion had not yet been builtĀ and the extension to the playing fields was ready for development. At this time, Staff ‘At Home’ evenings were first established offering for the first time, the opportunity for parents to meet with members of staff to express any concerns or discuss their children’s progress.

For the first time, there was some disquiet about the 11 plus selection tests with calls from some quarters that they should be abolished since they offered unfair advantage to more able pupils (?!). Times were changing and the first foundations of the slippery-slope had been laid.


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