Winshill Tour (1958)

These pictures are taken in the first year of the ‘new’ Burton Grammar School in Winshill.

Art Room – with ‘Chippy’ Heath trying to look busy

Woodwork Workshop – with ‘Taffy’ Davies managing to keep out of frame

Senior Physics Lab – with Ezra Somekh, sadly just before my time

Metalwork Workshop – under ‘Tinman’ Andrew watchful eye

Library – not posed… honestly

Dining Hall – with everyone hoping that the photographer will fall off his chair

Main Corridor – Sorry Lad, the tuckshop’s not open yet

Chemistry Lab – with Norman Jones trying to disguise himself as a student to Dennis Grimsley

Biology Lab – with ‘Joey’ Crowther on the prowl

Gym – with Vic Roebuck slighty over-posing

Stage and Hall – with its always amusing ‘No Smoking’ signs





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