1880 – Bond Street

My apologies for the poor quality of the photos but they have been restored as far as possible without destroying any of the original character or information; they are after all, well over 120 years old and just too good not to feature!

By 1880, the school was now established with just over┬áseventy pupils. The number of pupils was to remain very low but received a boost a few years later, in 1884, with the amalgamation of Allsop’s School – but still well short of the over 500 boys by the time the school moved to much needed larger premises. Accommodating such a number would have been inconceivable at the time.

The Headmaster in 1880 was still Charles Undershell Tripp who had seen the school move from Friars Walk to the new premises. Second master was T.W. Beckett. Other masters were Dr. A.B. Plant (music master), J.F. Halker, J.O. Webb and Mssr. H.L. Guilmant (French).

It can be seen that there is no formal uniform yet. Boys had to wear trousers and jacket to an approximate style and colour and some form of cap for juniors which bore a school badge, designed by Mr Tripp; this appears to be relaxed to other types of hat for seniors.


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