1920 – Dramatic Society First Production

The Burton-on-Trent Grammar School Dramatic Society was founded in early 1920 by Mr E.C. Nicholson who had arrived at the school the previous year to teach Chemistry.

On Friday and Saturday, the 17th and 18th December 1920, the Society staged its first production. It was a comedy in four acts written by Madeline Ryley called Jedbury Junior.

The cast is given below, which included Mr Nicholson himself who played the neice. Also, probably most notably was a young George Cooper, who can be seen on the extreme right, who was to go on to have the longest ever association with Burton Grammar School where he would retire as deputy headmaster some 48 years later!


Christopher Jedbury Senior (An East Indian Merchant)
F.J. Richards
Mrs Jedbury (wife)
J.J. Baker
Christopher Jedbury Junior (son)
F. Waterton
Nelly Jedbury (daughter)
E.W. Misater
Whimper (man-servant)
George Cooper
Job (valet to Jedbury Jnr.)
G.W. Britton
Major Hedway (retired soldier)
H. Lyon
Dora (neice)
E.C. Nicholson
Mr Glibb (President of the Society for the suppression of juvenille gambling)
H. Henson
Mrs Glibb (his wife)
S.D. Berry
Tom Bellaby (lawyer)
B.C. Saunders
Mr Simpson (Manager of the Bombay House)
F.B. Buxton


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