1950 Roll of Honour (those that fell)

Fifty-seven names are recorded on the WWII Memorial Tablet in memory and honour of Old Boys of the school who fell in the Second World War.

Mr E.J. ‘Boz’ Hathaway, who attended Burton Grammar school from 1934 to 1941 went to some considerable lengths to trace everyone featured.

The result of his research can be seen below:

Surname Forenames School Years Rank Fate  
ADAMS Anthony Wallace (1931-36) Flt/Lt. Beaufighter crashed into sea 20.7.44
ASHFORD Lewis Ernest (1920-21) Sgt. Pilot Killed on training flight 1.9.40
BEESLEY Ralph (1912-15) Flt/Lt. Died on active service, buried in Iraq 1942
BOULTON Harry (1932-37) Guardsman Died of wounds; Buried at Anzio
BRENTWALL Kenneth T. (1933-39) Sgt. (RAF) Killed over Germany in Lancaster 15/6.8.43
BRIDGE Reginald (1929-35) Signalman Prisoner in Japan; Died 27.2.44
CARDY Dennis Alfred (1932/33) Sgt.(RAF) Shot down in Wellington Bomber 12.8.43
CARFOOT Norman Henry (1931-40) Flt/Lt. Shot down over Germany 3.11.43
CARTWRIGHT Norman Byng (1929-31) Sgt. Pilot
COOPER Bertram George Arthur (1920-27) Sgt. W/Op. Shot down over France; Died 16.7.43
DEWEY Eric Irwin (1931-35) Guardsman Killed in Middle East 1943
DOUGLAS Clifford Bennett (1936-40) Sgt. (Nav) Shot down on first operation 26.2.45
EATON Arthur (1926-30) Pilot Off. Shot down off Spanish coast 19.8.42
EVERSHED Sydney John Anthony (1925-26) Pilot Off. Shot down over Dover 9.7.40
EVISON Peter (1930-33) Sgt. Pilot Shot down over Germany 3.3.43
FORD Walter Douglas (1929-39) Private Captured in Singapore; Died in Japanese hands
GEARY Stephen Tebbett (1931-36) Flt/Lt. DFM Shot down attacking a submarine 1.5.44
GRAIN Arthur James (1927-33) Flt/Lt. Shot down over France 3.5.44
GREEN George Eric (1927-32) Sgt.Nav. Shot down in Blenheim 25.5.41
HACKETT Thomas Charles (1919-23) Private Killed on a march 18.10.40
HUGHES Charles Laurie (1919-23) Lieut. Mentioned in despatches; Killed in action, France 26.5.40
IFE Stanley John (1919-23) Lieut. Drowned, Minesweeper sunk off Normandy 10.7.44
JACKSON Maurice George (1931-37) Sgt. Pilot Shot down in Blenheim attack in France 21.5.41
JELLEY Edward Arthur (1918-21) Pilot Off. Killed on active service in air attack 30.9.40
LANDER John (1905-14) Major Killed In Sicily commanding Parach. Reg. 13.7.43
LOVETT Roy (1932-39) Ord. Seaman Killed in English Channel 3.12.42
MACGILP Colin Campbell (1917-24) Major Killed in action 1944 – Cassino
MATTHEWS Frederick George (1908-14) Major Killed at Dunkirk 21.5.40
MAY Charles Herbert (1927-33) Sgt. (RAF) Killed in action at El Alamein 10.7.42
MELLOR David Herbert (1928-33) 2nd, Lieut. Killed in action Tank Regt. 22.11.41
MERCHANT Leslie Arthur (1920-23) Flt/Sgt. Missing in Hudson in Bay of Biscay 20.10.42
MOORBY Frank Preston (1926-30) Pilot Officer Killed in flying accident 26.9.43
MORRIS Edward Gibson (1916-23) Bombardier Killed in action R.A. 12.6.41
MOULD Dennis Leonard (1937-41) Sgt. (RAF) Crashed into sea on Liberator, Singapore 11.3.45
NORTON Harry John (1923-27) Sgt. (RAF) Killed in action Guards Div. France 27.5.40
OATES Hector Frederick M. (1939-49) Private Killed in action Bergen-op-Zoom 27.10.44
PENNINGTON John Ray (1926-32) Fly/Off. DFC Shot down in Lancaster in Holland 13.1.43
PLANT Frederick Michael Arthur   Capt. M.C. MC Killed on active service 7.8.42 aged 50
QUINE Peter John (1930-33) Gunner Died on active service in Algeria 25.2.44
RAWLINS Alexander George (1931-38) Sgt. (RAF) Shot down in Wellington over Germany 12.6.43
RICHARDS Robert (1929-37) Fly/Off. Missing near Singapore 1.3.42
RODBOURN Kenneth (1933-39) Pilot Officer Shot down over France 16. 3. 44
ROSE Peter Garrett (1928-32) Sgt. Pilot Shot down over Belgium 3.5.41
ROYALS Anthony Thomas (1933-38) Lance/Sgt. RAMC Drowned in Palestine 14.7.46
SCATTERGOOD Sydney Brian (1925-30) Lieut. Died on active service; Egypt 26.11.41
SHERRATT William George (1931-36) Sgt. (RAF) Shot down in Wellington over France 29.4.42
SMALLEY Herbert John (1932-36) Sgt. (RAF) Shot down over Germany – Bavaria 16.1.45
SMITH Frederick (1931-35) Sgt. (RAF) DFM Killed in action – Pathfinders 17.4.43
STARBUCK Leonard (1927-34) Sgt. (RAF) Shot down over Germany 26.6.42
STEEL Oliver J. (1922-28) Fireman AFS Killed by enemy action London 6.11.40
THOMAS Robert Mark (1934-39) Sgt. (RAF) Shot down in Beaufighter Nr. Singapore 29.6.43
THORLEY Thomas Henry (1933-39) Sgt. (RAF) Shot down in Whitley over Germany 8.11.41
TRETHEWEY Arthur Russell (1918-20) 3rd Engineer Off. Killed at sea, Canadian Merchant Navy 29.7 43
WADDANS Douglas Vincent (1928-35) Sgt. Killed on active service 1943
WADDELL Tom Ronaldson (1930-31) Private Killed in action – Crete 2.6.41
WARD John Montague (1931-36) Sgt.Pilot Shot down whilst mine laying 22.11.40
WOODCOCK George Edwin (1932-39) Flt/Sgt. DFM Shot down in Beaufighter 18.12.42

– Distinguished Flying Medal, awarded to RAF personnel below commissioned rank, for “an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying in active operations against the enemy”.
DFC – Distinguished Flying Cross, awarded to RAF officers, for “an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying in active operations against the enemy”.
MC – Military Cross, awarded to Army officers in recognition of “an act or acts of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy on land”.
RAMC – Royal Army Medical Corps.
AFS – Army Fire Service

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