1950s Dramatic Society Productions

1950 – Noah

1952 – Tartuffe

1953 – The Magistrate

(Left to right) Brenda Wilson, Alun Thomas, Elizabeth Goodhead, Berkeley Ranby, Ann Hair, Charles Bell, Ron Keightley, Donald McIntosh

Standing: John Jones, Charles Tilling, 03.
Seated: Colin ‘Bert’ Copestake, Colin Bunting, David ‘Spadge’ Mayger, Ken Whiteland, Alan Bull, David Green (famous Cricketer)

1954 – His Excellency

(Left to right) Colin Bunting, Tony Grief, David ‘Piggy’ Bowen, Harry ‘Spadge’ Mayger, Bob George, 06, Dennis Bishop (seated), Ivan Bloor, 09 (seated), Charles Tilling, Tony Mortimer

Walter Wilkinson, now living in Australia, had the lead role but for some reason, he is omitted from the photo.

1955 – R.U.R.

(Left to right) 01 (seated), Maurice Kersy, Nick Warton, Anthony Hughes (seated), Bert Copestake, 06, Colin Mason, Tony Docksey (seated)

1957 – ???

(Left to right) Alan Whitaker, Tony Docksey, Terry Bentley (doorway), Rodney Hardwick, Paul Hicken, Maurice Kersey, David Shrubbs

1958 – The Knight of the Burning Pestle

Back Row: Alan Hewitt, Botteril, BO3
Standing: SO1, SO2, Derrick Baker, Gordon Marjoram, SO5, Colin Mason, Neville Hodson-Walker, Paul Hicken (Knight), Dave Smith, S10, David Shrubbs, Adrian York, Georgina Copestake
Kneeling: Terry Bingham, Andy Williams, Keith Dadley, Bill Strong

1959 – She Stoops To Conquer

Standing: Robin (Bumble) Langton, R. Hilyer, W. Strong, G. Brown, Christine Webster, George Cooper, David Wyatt
Seated: Susan Holbrook, Jean Hartland, Elizabeth Wright, J. Diggens


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