1951 trip to the Lake District

In 1951, Raymond Crowther (Biology) took a group to the Lake District

M. Wilkins, solo abseiling on a cliff face almost opposite the campsite near Watendlath Tarn
He was an experienced rock climber, but the group was very impressed by his display.

Raymond Crowther took the group on several long hikes across country during our stay in the Lake District. The cool and wet conditions we experienced throughout the three weeks meant that his usual linen summer jacket did not appear, but was replaced with the top from his old RAF tunic.

He is seen here paused to recharge his pipe from the ever-present tin of Mick McQuaid tobacco.

The Mick McQuaid tins served a variety of uses as well as for carrying tobacco, as a holder for botanical, zoological or geological specimens and, as here, the lid was handy for scooping up a drink of water.


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