Bond Street Tour (1952)

This set of pictures shows the Bond Street premises towards the end of its time, shortly before work was finally about to commence on the newly planned school in Winshill.

Biology Lab
1952 Biology
(From Left) Hassop, David Runacre, L03 –  R01, Raymond ‘Joey’ Crowther (Master), Michael Tanton, Keith Day, Robin Shorthose

Chemistry Lab
1952 Chemistry
(From Left) K. Smith, Ralph Hodson (new Master), Mike Freegarde, Hassop, Geoff Shone, Norman Jones, J. Simnett, K. Stanyon, M. Wilkins, John Pickering, Shaw

Science Lab1952 Science
Harry ‘Brab’ Smith, who first taught General Science (Physics) and Chemistry as well as maths.

Woodwork Workshop
1952 Woodwork
Dai ‘Taffy’ Davies keeping everyone busy

1952 Library
Standing (left to right): I.G. Halliwell, R.A. Lester, P.G.W. Bond and Chazzer Brown (Master and Librarian)
Seated (left to right): G.D. Evans, S02, J.E. Hancock, I.J. Cotton, R.G. Keightley

Gym (actually, School Hall in one of its many roles)
1952 Gym
(Left wall from front) Ebberley, Hassent, Gostelow, Cotton, Hunt, Robertson, Knowles, Weston
(Rear wall from left) Cooper, Cartwright, Robinson, Laud, Harrison, Attwood, Ling, Woolett
(Handstands from front) Sharp supported by Cox, Richards supported by Mortimer, ? supported by Bentley
(Horse) Recently started Vic Roebuck watching Whysall
(Vault) Watts watched by Gibbs


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