1952 – Montreux, Switzerland

In 1952, Norman Jones and Ellick Ward accompanied a group to Montreux in Switzerland. The entire group can be seen here up in the mountains. It is not clear who the two girls are and how they come to be there.

Back Row: Malcolm Griffin, Robin Shorthose, Jones, McGlynn, Ellick Ward, B06, G.A. Smith, Brian (Sam) Staley, John Hancock, Mick Jordan, Maurice Bucket, Sinclair, G. Shaw, Rose (and the two ladies in totally the wrong footwear!)
Front Row: Norman Jones, Gerard Evans, Barry Bourne, Iain Cotton, Godfrey Cooper, G. Moore, Michael Fraser, Gary Acres. 

One of Robin Shorthose’s clearest memories of the trip was when a group of them went into a cinema that was showing, what was considered at the time to be a ‘risque’ film. In the foyer, fearing that it might be expensive, Gerard Evans braved to try out his french on an usherette with “Combien?”

This surprised her and caused quite a lot of amusement to the group. They still did not know how much tickets were until they got to the box office still feeling slightly nervous.

They went for a row on the lake where the Chateau de Chillon remains to this day, one of the most unchanged picturesque sights. On this occasion, having seen plenty of snow on the trip, they under-estimated the strength of the sun and many of them ended up with bad sunburn.

The other memory strongly recalled was that many of the Montreux citizens still walked around carrying rifles despite the war having ended some seven years earlier.


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