1953 trip to Flatford Mill Centre

In 1953, Raymond Crowther (Biology) took the Field Club to the Flatford Mill Field Centre near Colchester, Essex, for an Estuarine Biology course. Mick Tanton, now living in Australia, supplied the photographs and accounts.


The above photograph shows a collected sample being examined for aquatic life. Lying on the ground is John Jones under the watchful eye of Alan Bull, who went on I think to be a Professor at Birmingham University. The two girls from a North London school tended to join the group, which was always very lively. They are Dilys Povah, and beyond Nancy ? standing in the water is David Hopkinson together with Mick Cornes with his back to the camera, and sitting on the bank in the distance, pipe in mouth, is Raymond Crowther, in front of him is Michael Cooke who is difficult to discern but identified by himself over fifty-six years later! The pupil furthest from the camera is Brian Hill.

Alan Bull seated and recording data with Dilys Povah identifying material. Nancy ? is sampling water beyond.

Burton Grammar pupils worked in different groups which included pupils from other schools.
In this photo from left to right is Nancy ?, Dilys Povah, and then three BGS pupils, Alan Bull, (unknown) and A.C. ‘Charles’ Neville.

Samples were washed through in a sieve, and in this photo A.C. ‘Charles’ Neville is sorting through and identifying material.

Finally, Raymond Crowther, back in usual summer garb and inevitable pipe in mouth, inspecting salt-marsh plants at close quarters.


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