1958 – School Choir

Most conspicuous in this 1958 photo are, Ron Illingworth on the piano and Reverend Paul Appleton as choirmaster.

Right Row (from front): Raymond ‘Joey’ Crowther, Lewis ‘Chippy’ Heath, Peter Evanson, R1-4 , David Berker, Peter Jennings, Rodney Hardwick, Alan Whittaker
Second Right:┬áNoble, Colin Mason, R2-3, ‘Taff’ Davies, Bob Knight, Brian Bradbury, Bert Copestake
Third Right: Hugh Wood, P. Boulder, R. Llewellyn, Anthony Hughes, Maurice Kersey, Alan Cloves, R3-7
Fourth Right: R4-1, R4-2, ‘Polly’ Lownds, R4-4, R4-5, R4-6

(The scratch, painstakingly removed as part of the restore, was re-introduced after I realised that it was a cable to the large on-stage speaker!).


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