1968 Intake Staff

My time at the school was spent from 1968 to 1973. Looking at this picture of most of the teaching staff taken in 1970 still conjures up some vivid memories some forty years later.

Back Row:
01. John Andrew (Tinman) – [Metalwork], 02. Colin Bagshaw (Bogwash) – [Physics], 03. John Long – [Latin], 04. David Wyatt – [Spanish], 05. John Sneyd – [Physics], 06. Alan Brewerton (Doc) – [Chemistry], 07. Robin Langton (Bumble) – [English/Literature], 08. Graham North – [History], 09. John Armstrong (Louis) – [Maths], 10. Alan Cure – [Geography], 11. John French (Frenchy) – [PE], 12. Chris Aylott – [Maths], 13. Michael Green (Ma) – [English/Economics]

Middle Row:
01. Barningham – [Office], 02. M02, 03. M03, 04. Chris Shepard (Shep) – [English], 05. Peter Dawe (Jackdaw) – [Music], 06. Harry Smith (Brab) – [Maths], 07. G.Davis (Taffy) – [Woodwork/Eng.Drawing], 08. Alan White (Chalky) – [English], 09. Brian Luckett (Chinner) – [Chemistry], 10. Robert James (Jessie) – [French/Latin], 11. Coates – [Office]

Front Row:
01. Walter Chadbourne (Walt) – [Physics], 02. Victor Roebuck (Vic) – [PE/English], 03. Ellick Ward (Ernie) – [French], 04. Hugh Wood (Woody) – [French], 05. Geoffrey Henton (Gaff) – [Geography], 06. Bill Gillion (Beak) – [Maths] *Headmaster, 07. Ron Illingworth (Ronnie) – [Geography], 08. Norman Jones – [Chemistry], 09. Ray Crowther (Joey) – [Biology], 10. Percy Barratt (Butch) – [History], 11. Elizabeth Radford (Fanny) – [Divinity/French]

Andrew John Tinman Metalwork
Armstrong John Louis Maths
Aylott Chris   Maths
Bagshaw Colin Bogwash Physics
Barratt Percy Butch History
Brewerton Alan Doc Chemistry
Chadbourne Walter Walt Physics
Crowther Raymond Joey Biology
Cure Alan   Geography
Dawe Peter Jackdaw Music
Davies David Taffy Woodwork
Gillion William Beak Headmaster
Green Michael Ma English
Heath Lewis Chippy Art
Henton Geoff Gaff Geography
Illingworth Ronald Ronnie Geography
James Robert Jesse  
Jones Norman   Chemistry
Langton Robin Bumble English
Long John Charlie Latin
Luckett Brian Chinner Chemistry
Mart David   Maths
Meadowcroft X   Modern Maths (assistant)
Moore James Jomo Maths
Morgan Dil Wingco Geography
North X   History
Playll Jack Pleb History
Radford Elizabeth Fanny RE / French
Roebuck Victor Vic PE
Shepard Christopher Shep English
Smith Harry Brab Maths
Sneyd John Sam Physics
Ward Ellick Ernie French
White Alan Chalky English
Wood Hugh Woody French
Wyatt David   Spanish

* grey simply donates that they did not teach me in the ‘B’ Class.


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