Bond Street (1912)

By 1912, the school had become well established. From an initial sixty-seven pupils and five staff, the numbers had risen steadily to one hundred and sixty-eight pupils, headmaster, eight teaching masters and two part-time staff.

The headmaster was Mr. Robinson who had taken the helm in 1900 and the school was enjoying results that gave it a high placing within the country’s result table. Generally, things were running smoothly; no-one could have forseen that war was just around the corner or have conceived that a number of pupils would soon be lost in the war effort.

Headmaster’s House (which caused much controversy)

Main Entrance in Bond Street (also including some later additions)

West view of school facing Lichfield Street

Art-Room (up in the ‘Attic’)

Woodwork Workshop

1912 Cricket Team

1912 Rugby Team


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