1947 1st XI

Back Row: K.Meakin, J.Wheway, D.Thompson, G.Mainprize, M.Gittins, D.Brearley
Front Row: D.Starbuck, G.Haines, J.Clubb (Captain), H.Salter, J.Wood



1948 1st XI

Back Row: B01, B02, B03, B04
Front Row: F01, F02, Jim (Bertie) Brookes, F04 (Captain), F05, F06, F07



1952 1st XI

Back Row: D. Aspinall, G.J.K.Acres, J.Brown, Stabler, I.G.Halliwell
Front Row: W.J.Parker, D.J.Green, Roger Brown, Mr R. Illingworth, J.E.Hancock, R.A.Lester, J.B.Raby



1950 – Noah

Back Row: B01, Peter Dagley, Runcorn
Middle Row: Bill Leach, Brian Nolan, John Pickering, M04, M05
Front Row: Brian Spooner, F02, Bob Lester, F04, Julian Appleby

Play director, Norman John Cleave, seeming happy with the way things are going.

Hugh Richmond is seen here being fitted with his beard in readiness for playing the lead role.

Hugh Richmond can also be seen here aboard the Ark, complete with eskimo furs!

Dennis Grimsley joins the group, back left, for the final group photo. He was destined to return to the school to teach chemistry six years later.

The play certainly had some influence; It was Norman Cleave who provided the inspiration for Hugh Richmond to go on to become professor of English at the University of California, Berkeley.



1948 Intake (Class 4B – 1952)

Back Row: Peter Butlin, Don Elliot, Mick Darby, Stuart Haywood, Gordon Snell, Ian Miller, Alan Worthington
Middle Row: Trevor Botterill, Peter Bennett, Alan Marshall, Brian Giltrap, Barry Walton, Geoff Nicholson, Peter Jackson, Roy Fox
Front Row: Brian Hall, Gerald Huckerby, John Newton, Bernard Shaw, Mr D.M.Davies (Form Master), Colin Bunting, David Harper, George Row, Michael Fraser



1945 Swimming

Back Row: W. Mayger, J. Mayger, Beale, D. Payne, Gadsby, Beadman
Middle Row: R. Mayger, N. Franklin, P. Smith (Capt), J. Crawshaw, J. Hilton
Front Row: D. Chaplin, B. Sharratt



1949 Swimming

Back Row: G.Bird, J.Savage, B.Evans, A.Kidger, T.Fletcher
Front Row: H.Hugo, B.Sharratt, W.Mayger, R.Richards, R.Garnham



1952 Swimming

Back Row: Frank Read, Philip Bond, AJ Smith, ‘Killer’ Corby
Front Row: T. Fletcher, R. Garnham, H. Griffiths (Capt), A. Kidger, B. Evans




1950 Cross Country

Back Row: Norman Jones, Dennis Grimsley, M. Bates, H. Wilson, B05
Middle Row: Atkinson, D. Barker, Philip Bond
Front Row: P. Williams, J. Parker



1952 Cross Country

Back Row: Dai ‘Taffy’ Davies, R. Hayle, J. Tovey, R. White, I. Cotton, Norman Jones
Front Row: G.Newman, F02, M. Wilkins, Victor Roebuck, P.Williams, P. Bond, F06


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