Prefects 1936-37

Back Row: K. Neal, W. Cross, E. Sudale, E. Shelton, J. Clarke, A. Stanesby
Front Row: D. Aitken, W. Chesher, P. Davies, C. Stephens (Headboy), S. Felgate, W. Neville



Prefects 1938-39

Back Row: D. Johnston, K. Shooter, J. Halliday, L. Rees, N. Carfoot, P. Thompson, R. Sidwell
Front Row: T. Telford, R. Fletcher, K. Neal (Headboy), W. Cross, G. Woodcock



Prefects 1941-42

Back Row: T. Trigg, W. Lathbury, G. Thomas, D. Haywood, R. Felgate, S. Adams, S. Bates
Front Row: W. Souster, J. Rose, R. Shooter (Headboy), R. George, H. Deville



Prefects 1943-44

Back Row: J. Wheeler, P. Lawley, K. Smith, D. Smith, T. Griffiths, M. Appleby, R. Heinberg
Front Row: C. Flear, K. Macdonald, J. Tomlinson (Headboy), P. Ellis, R. Fairbrother



Prefects 1945-46

Back Row: G. Kellam, R. Wigley, J. Keen, G. Grimsley, J. Rabbets, C. Silvester, P. Berker, R. Adams, D. Collington
Front Row: J. Smith, M. Wayte, R. Pryce (Headboy), R. Dent, C. Morris



Prefects 1946-47

Back Row: J. Wheway, G. Haines, K. Meakin, F. Bates, D. Morton, S. Smith, P. Neall, J. Clubb, K. Winson
Front Row: G. Grimsley, J. Keen, D. Collington, C. Morris, P. Berker, J. Rabbets, G. Kellam



Prefects 1947-48

Back Row: A. Hunter, D. Woodcock, K. Storer, J. Mellor, J. Silvester, M. Beale, C. Rose, D. Finch
Front Row: J. Appleby, K. Meakin, D. Morton, D. Collington (Headboy), K. Winson, D. Brearley, H. Richmond



Prefects 1948-49

Back Row: Dennis Grimsley, Peter Hole, John Gaskell, Reg Hardwick, Roy Leach, Roy Smith, Derek Holford
Front Row: Peter Dagley, Anthony Morecroft, Julian Appleby, Hugh Richmond (Headboy), John Mellor, Alec Hunter

Both Dennis Grimsley and Reg Hardwick were to return to the school later as teachers.

The late 1940′s were a time of some confusion national service was expected to end at anytime so pupils tended to stay on for an extra year in the upper sixth form particularly with the introduction of scholarship level HSC papers. Universities were also full with demobbed ex-servicemen. Talking to boys fom other schools several of us were surprised to find that they had gained university admission with less qualifications than us. Later conversations with a university professor revealed that some headmasters, in their referee’s letter, expressed the view that the applicant should do his national service first. He also commented that headmaster’s pay was related the number of sixth form pupils. This explains why it is difficult to relate the year of entry to the prefects photographs.



Prefects 1949-50

Back Row: Bryan Spooner, Tom Smith, Brian Nolan, Bill Mayger, Andrew Britton, Robin Richards, Brian Sharratt, Bill Leach
Front Row: David Evans, Donald Warden, Julian Appleby, Hugh Richmond (Headboy), Peter Dagley, Colin Owen, Dennis Grimsley



Prefects 1952-53

Back Row: G. Evans, D. Kirk, R. Keightley, R. White, D. Thornton, I. Cotton, G. Moore
Front Row: K. Day, K. Smith, E. Locker, J. Hancock (Headboy), G. Acres, G. Smith, J. Simnett


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