Elementary Calculations in Chemistry

I can certainly remember ‘Elementary Calculations in CHEMISTRY’ by J.C. Mathews and was delighted to get hold of a copy.

Chapters were:

  • I – Molecular Weight and Percentage Composition
  • II – Formulae from Composition
  • III – Reacting weights
  • IV – Boyle’s and Charles’ Laws
  • V – Gram Molecular Volume
  • VI – Reacting Volumes of Gases
  • VII – Vapour Density and Molecular Weights
  • VIII – Diffusion of Gases
  • IX – Equivalent Weights of Elements
  • X – Atomic Weights
  • XI – The Law of Multiple Proportions
  • XII – Equivalent Weights of Acids and Bases
  • XIII – Volumetriv Analysis
  • XIV – Electrolysis
  • XV – Solubility
  • XVI – Revision Exercises 1,2,3

Obligingly, this being well before the introduction of the electronic calculator, at the back of the book were Logarithm and Anti-Logarithm tables!

The following page extracts provide a tantilizing glimpse into the past; somehow, they don’t seem to be anything like as fearsome as they seemed at the time…


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