Deus Nobiscum

The school song, which started with the School Motto ’Deus Nobiscum’ (Latin: God be with us), is thought to have had the words written by Elizabeth Radford, with some input from Robin ‘Bumble’ Langton.

Contrary to popular belief, the music was not composed my music teacher, Mr Dawe, but in fact composed by F.B. Westbrook.

Go on, I bet you can’t resist singing at least the first few lines in your head! 

Deus Nobiscum: God with us
be this our ensign yet.
Our forbears’ deeds victorious
Oh let us not forget.
For thy bright honour Lord they strove
may we their flame maintain.
The fervour which them forward drove
shall us today sustain.

Our school has stood the test of time
the centuries have crowned her.
With earnest zeal to heights sublime
her sons have risen round her.
Fair play and hard health-giving toil
and strong united will,
make us good seed in this fair soil
to sing “God with us” still.

God with us, may we forward move
to heights which now we scan.
God with us may we worthy prove
of others faith. We can,
with thee beside us, reach the crest,
Where shines eternal day.
Deus Nobiscum: God with us
shall be our song for e’er.


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