House Crests


The school was split into four houses; Wellington (Maroon), Clive (Green), Drake (Blue) and Nelson (Black). So we each had to have a house sports shirt in the appropriate colour.

The wooden shields themselves took pride of place in the main hall with two either side of the main school shield.

Looking at the House Shields rekindles the thoughts of how Clive looks somehow out of place and would be more fittingly depicted as a white shield with a green cross. I have not been able to find any genuine heraldic reasons to relate the four crests to their associated historic figures, neither haveĀ I been able to identify any other example where the same combination of shields is used so their origin remains a slight mystery; hopefully, I will be enlightened one day.


Seen here are two of the original wooden wall crests from the area in front of the library. While every effort has been made to restore the images, no attempt has been made to ‘graphically restore’ the conditions of the actual crests, which I remember being in much brighter condition.


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