Website Quality

Whilst I try to keep the picture quality of this website as high as possible, images are sometimes of lesser quality than I would like. I can assure that this is not through my being lax; it is because I sometimes have poor quality sources to work from.

  • Some sets of photos (from a particular photographer) are all printed on ‘canvas effect’ paper, which produces graining when scanned.
  • Some scans have been performed without disassembling the cardboard mounts producing a few millimeters gap which reduces quality.
  • Some original photos have not been particularly good (over/under exposed, poor depth of field).
  • Some images have been ‘over-cooked’ when being compressed by older compression techniques.

By way of example, this shows a staff group together with what I had to work with. The original image was skewed, scratched, under-exposed, cropped (you can see that as in a number of cases, the windows are my own construction and the floor has been ‘hand painted’.

I am producing the best I can, with particular consideration to making faces as clear as possible, and if ever I stumble across a superior source, I am always happy to start from scratch on a replacement.

If YOU have a better version of a picture that is already featured, I am still very happy to receive the best possible scan (or photo in the post).


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