With lots of activity from the generally very keen participants, on the extensive sports fields such as Shot-putt, Javelin, Long Jump, High Jump, Sprinting, Middle-distance Running, Hurdles, there was usually somewhere to hide.



1950 Athletics #1

Back Row: B01, D. Evans, W. Mayger, M. Wilkins, Colin Owen, K. Hipwell, Atkinson
Front Row: F01, Dennis Grimsley, J. Pickering, F04, F05, Philip Bond, D. Thornton



1950 Athletics #2

Back Row: Norman Jones, B02, D. Evans, B04, R. Lester, M. Wilkins, A. Smith, D. Thornton
Middle Row: W. Mayger, M02, D. Barker, J. Pickering, Philip Bond
Front Row: W. Rhodes, A. Thomas



1952 Athletics

Back Row: Norman Jones, J. Aston, E. Locker, M. Wilkins, R. Lester, H. Griffiths, G.Shaw, Victor Roebuck
Front Row: P. Williams, P. Bond, J. Pickering, ‘Taffy’ Davies, D. Thornton, A. Thomas, A. Smith



1955 Athletics

Back Row: Hopkins, Savage, Taylor, Evanson, Minns, Smith, Trigg, Hamilton
Middle Row: Mears, Crocker, Gibbs, Wright
Front Row: Bowen, Bull, M.Croft, F04, Tilling, Mayger



1956 Athletics

Back Row: Gadsby, Sutherns, Berker, Insley, Davies, Minns, Trigg, Williams, Savage
Middle Row: Hopkins, Adams, Lester, George, Evanson, Illsley, Arkinson, A. Fletcher
Front Row: Woolley, Parker, Bob Fletcher, Mick Croft, Gibbs, Bowen, Wilkinson
Floor: Dytham, R.Atkinson, A.Wright



1958 Athletics

Back Row: C. Turner, J. Peel, T. Bakewell, P. Minns, K. Adams, J. Parker, C. Woodward, B08, T. Stone, D. Harrison, A. Hughes
Middle Row: K. Redfern, J. Birch, M03, M04, R. Taylor, M06, M. McMurragh, Smith, A. Wright, J. Neville
Front Row: J. Hunt, A. Whittaker, T. Bentley, P. Evanson, P. Trigg, Victor Roebuck, J. Sutherns, K. Illsley, R. Fletcher, P. Williams, A. Fletcher
Floor: A. Morrell, FL02, T. Jones, FL04, R. Atkinson, D. Berker



1961 Athletics

Back Row: B01, Gough, B03, B04, B05, B06, B07, B08, B09
Middle Row: M01, Wheildon, Richard Isom, Shardlow, Cotton, M06, Bucknall, Minns, Gaskin, Stanley, Brian Eden, Roebuck
Front Row: Gardner, Foster, Hayns. Shorthouse, Parker, Jones, Hughes, Townsend, Turner
Floor: Jim Warren, F02, Nigel Ramsey, F04



1964 Athletics

Back Row: Ingard Sagsted, Mick Yates, Phil Woodgate, Paul Pajor, David Hardwick, Wes Murfin, Tom Casey, Johnny Hutt, ‘Dotty’ Bell, John Saunders, Peter Elks, ‘Moz’ Brindley
Middle Row: Leo Howe, Johnny Edwards, Terry Morse, Greg Harrison, Dean Williams, Frank Twamley, Chris Prince, M08, Brian Eden, Charlie Arnold, John Bisbrowne, Mick Street, Venables
Front Row: R.E.Somekh, Colin Stanbury, Dick Tudor, Victor Roebuck (Games master), R.Bucknall, J.Townsend, Hughes, R.Bell, David Kent, ‘Oz’ Cotton, K.Redfern



1968 Athletics

Back Row: Graham Starmer, David Glossop, John Sherratt, Mick Mayger, Colin Wheeldon, Steven Bevington, Michael Jones, Martin Briscoe, Pat Oven, Robert Gatliffe, Edwards, David Swift, Clive Wellings, Neil Tomlinson
Middle Row: David Skillen, David Henton, John van de Merwe, Neil Johnson, Alan Setford, Malcolm Ratcliffe, Graham Staley, Paul Murfin, M10, Andrew Scruton, Peter Rowley, Paul Chadfield
Front Row: Colin Beard, Peter Nelson, David Jones, David Van Der Merwe, David Cotton, Wes Murfin, Graham Loasby, F08, Brian Huckerby, Lees, Ted Sutton, Barry Smith
Kneeling: Peter Dumelow, Bob Goodall


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