In the summer terms, Rugby and Cross-country were replaced by the slightly more palatable (or more accurately, slightly less strenuous) Cricket and Athletics.

Whilst the school had a proud cricket tradition, I am afraid that for me, it only conjures up the impression of standing in isolation on a field waiting with vain hope that the ball will miraculously come towards me in a slow gentle ‘catchable’ arch and knowing that my eventual innings would probably take up less time than that required for me to fit a pair of pads on the right way up.



1930 1st XI

Back Row: H.P.Bryant, F.P.Moorby, W.A.Smart, B.G.Carfoot, L.Watts, Mr D.M.Davies
Front Row: F.Lee, G.Starbuck, W.J.Adams (Captain), F.K.Webster, L.B.Birch
Floor: K.B.Howkins, G.A.Staley



1932 1st XI

Back Row: B01, B02, B03, B04, B05, Charles May
Middle Row: M01, M02, M03, M04, M05



1933 1st XI

Back Row: B01, James Woolley, B03, B04, B05
Middle Row: M01, Charles May, M03, M04, M05
Front Row: F01



1947 1st XI

Back Row: K.Meakin, J.Wheway, D.Thompson, G.Mainprize, M.Gittins, D.Brearley
Front Row: D.Starbuck, G.Haines, J.Clubb (Captain), H.Salter, J.Wood



1948 1st XI

Back Row: B01, B02, B03, B04
Front Row: F01, F02, Jim (Bertie) Brookes, F04 (Captain), F05, F06, F07



1952 1st XI

Back Row: D. Aspinall, G.J.K.Acres, J.Brown, Stabler, I.G.Halliwell
Front Row: W.J.Parker, D.J.Green, Roger Brown, Mr R. Illingworth, J.E.Hancock, R.A.Lester, J.B.Raby



1956 1st XI

Back Row: Mike Hamilton, John Hunt, B03, Roger Haines, Peter Taylor, Powell
Front Row: Peter Ling, Alan Neal, John Harvey, Geoffrey Boyce, Bob Knight



1950 1st XI

Back Row: Green, H. Wilson, C. Bowen, W. Parker, R. White, D. Lee
Front Row: J. Hancock, Dennis Grimsley, Colin Owen (Captain), R. Brown, I. Halliwell



1958 1st XI

Back Row: John Birch, Noble, R. Hardwick, David Billings, Bill Royall
Front Row: Peter Ling, A. Gadsby, J. Hunt, Peter Boulton (English Master), Bob Knight, A. Whitaker, A. Phillips


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