Cross Country

Racing across farmland and local countryside with the fresh air in our lungs and wind on our backs. God, it was horrible.



1950 Cross Country

Back Row: Norman Jones, Dennis Grimsley, M. Bates, H. Wilson, B05
Middle Row: Atkinson, D. Barker, Philip Bond
Front Row: P. Williams, J. Parker



1952 Cross Country

Back Row: Dai ‘Taffy’ Davies, R. Hayle, J. Tovey, R. White, I. Cotton, Norman Jones
Front Row: G.Newman, F02, M. Wilkins, Victor Roebuck, P.Williams, P. Bond, F06



1956 Cross Country

Back Row: David Hough, David Berker, Kenny Adams, Robert Ash, Ian May
Middle Row: M.Potter, Paul Williams, Bob Taylor, M04, Cumpstead, Sam Smith, Tony Grief, Chris Powell, Dennis Minns, John Davies, Tony Fletcher, Andrew Gadsby
Front Row: Les Harrison, Derek Davenport, Tony Docksey, David Woolley, Peter Taylor, Bob Fletcher, Tommy Parker
Floor: Cosgrove, Alan Marshall



1957 Cross Country

Back Row: Cosgrove, Huckerby, Bob Fletcher, Tony Fletcher, Dennis Minns, Keith Illsley, Ken Crocker, Clive Miller
Front Row: Tommy Parker, Derek Davenport, Peter Taylor, Tony Docksey, Tony Grief, John Davies



196x Cross Country

Back Row: Clive Hardy, Charlie Holden, ‘Freddie’ Yarranton, B04, Brian Luckett
Front Row: Edwards, Peter Ford, Ian Sutherland, Pat Oven, Chadfield



197x Cross Country

Back Row: B01, Steven Cort, Martin Briscoe, B04, Brian Luckett
Front Row: David Henton, F02, F03, F04



1972 Cross Country

Back Row: Peter Earp, Philip Butcher, Steven Cort, Colin Ball
Front Row: F01, F02, Paul Ballinger



1973 Cross Country

Back Row: David Hartshorn, Simon Larbey, Philip Butcher
Front Row: Mark Turner, Paul Ballinger, Steven Cort, Peter Earp


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