Bond Street (1939)

In 1939, just prior to the outbreak of World War II, there were 316 boys in the school.

Whole School
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It would be fairly natural to assume that the largest man in the centre was the headmaster, but this was in fact, Mr T. Parkin who had recently been acting headmaster for a short period before being replaced by Mr W.D. Fraser, who is next on the right.

A few faces can been seen that would remain on the staff until after the school had moved to Winshill almost twenty years later. Most notably, Herbert ‘Horace’ Pitchford, who would by that time be headmaster, George Cooper, Frank ‘Bill’ Read, Joseph ‘Jake’ Hammond, Ron ‘Ronnie’ Illingworth, Dai ‘Taffy’ Davies and Cecil ‘Chazzer’ Brown.


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